Save your buddies, pick up cows

Stealing milk from the farmers did not work well. These humans are hard.

Get your buddies out of the enemy lines, and pick up a cow or some more.

The cows you can drop in the cow dropzones, and your buddies want to be save in your homebase.


Arrow keys for left/right and change lane

Space for landing and starting

"Y" or "Z" (depending on Keyboard) for Freeze Beam to freeze tanks.

"X" for the tractor ray.


This game is work in progress. It was not completely finished at the submit date for the jam. Whats horrible, as the task was to finish an unfinished project. But it is a game now, that has only some bugs an some polish needed.

Music and Assets

The music and some assets are from humble bundle, most graphics are from Kenney Assets


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the art style you chose is very cute! i'm excited to play it again when you get the chance to polish it ^v^